Glasgow Montrose A 5 – 1 Polytechnic B

The third of Robin’s reports on the ‘A’ Team’s triumphant progress through the first half of the 1012-13 season:
Top of the table battle
The clash of the two teams on three wins ended decisively in favour of home team Montrose. The final 5 – 1 score was a bit flattering. My game on top board finished first with a pawn threat on the seventh. Norman won equally well with an exquisite middlegame pawn move. He gave his opponent choice of which of his two knights to lose. Bahloul was unlucky to lose on time. Afterwards, opinion was that he was probably winning a very complex game if he could get through the various mate threats. Beni had an adventurous game going a bishop down before finishing a rook up. Looking for the point to secure the win was delayed until the final few minutes. David took full advantage of his opponent’s queen going walkabout. A rook sacrifice allowed checkmate and resigns. Sam took the final point with both players going for a queening pawn. Sam edged in first to complete a memorable win.
Montrose A
Polytechnic B
R Templeton
1 – 0
J Eldridge
B de Armentia
1 – 0
R Innes (sub)
N Lindsay
1 – 0
G King
S Collins
1 – 0
E Martin
B Voghouey
0 – 1
P Clarke
D Reid
1 – 0
P McAloon
5 – 1
This leaves the Glasgow Montrose A team sitting pretty atop division 2 with eight points after four matches going into the Festive season.

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