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Spring Championship Rd.1 Results and Rd. 2 Pairings

Here are the results from Round 1 of the Spring Championship, held on 2nd March:

 NameRating Pts
1Lindsay, Norman1858 1
1Mearns, James1601 1
3Ferry,Ed1974 1
3Collins, Sam1699 1
3Reid, David1601 1
6Perkin, Chris1407 0
6Groundwater,Sean1398 0
6Knowles,Toby1372 0
6Murray, Jim1354 0
6Kearny,Dechlan1161 0

…and here are the pairings for the next round, which will take place on 16th March…

1Mearns, Jamesjim59gmccFerry,Edmongoose1000
2Lindsay, NormanavizandumCollins, SamGlenSannox
3Perkin, ChrischrisglasmontReid, DavidDReidGMCC
5Knowles,TobyshoguntangoMurray, JimBlueJM

GMCC Online Rapid Tournament 20.10.2022

Here is the link for the GMCC fortnightly rapid tournament for 20.10.2022:

Club night: 13th October 2022

The next club night will be on 13th October 2022 at the Minerva Club. Glasgow Montrose will be playing at home vs East Kilbride in Division 2 of the Glasgow League.

Rapid Swiss 26.05.2022

Congrats to Ed, Norman and Jonathan!

Games here:

Swiss Rapid 31.03.2022

Here’s the link for tomorrow night’s weekly Swiss Rapid tournament:

Results here:

Congrats to Norman, Ed and Evis!

Rapid Swiss 03.03.2022

Here are results & games for the weekly Rapid Swiss tournament.

Congrats to Evis, Ed and Chris!

GMCC Rapid Swiss 24.02.2022

Here is the link for tomorrow night’s Rapid Swiss tournament:

SOCO Round 4

Glasgow Montrose CC drew 2.5-2.5 against the Sneaky Stalematers in Round 4 of the Scottish Online Chess Organisation:

Sneaky Stalematers2.52.5Glasgow Montrose

Games here:

mongoose1000 vs.soxyboy1978:
dandytastic117 vs avizandum:
GlenSannox vs. Ragnar006:
Ananab_Pot vs chrisglasmont:
jim59gmcc 0-1 jennlewis:

SOCO Round 3

Glasgow Montrose CC drew 2.5 – 2.5 with Edinburgh 2 in rd. 3 of the Scottish Online Chess Organisation.

GMCCEdinburgh 2

Games here:

Penguin89c 0-1 avizandum:
GlenSannox 0.5-0.5: Anacampserote
Hype71 0-1 chrisglasmont:
jimgmcc59 0-1 Tiggeronvrb:
Kritan06 1-0 dseang:

Swiss Rapid 17.02.2022 Results

Congrats to David, Ed and Sam for placing in this weeks Swiss 10 | 5 tournament.

Results and games here: