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‘A’ Team kick off the season with a wipe-out against the ‘B’ Team

Welcome to the 2012-13 season! ┬áThe GMCC kicked off the Glasgow League with a fixture between the ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams last Thursday (both are now rather inconveniently in the second division). ┬áThe ‘A’ team did pretty well for a side apparently without a captain, both in the haggling over players which typically starts the season off, and in the games themselves.

As the ‘B’ team captain, it is too painful to dwell on the night’s play, so I merely reproduce the results below:

Board Glasgow Montrose A 6 0 Glasgow Montrose B
1 Edward Ferry B 1 0 W Chris Perkin
2 Robin Templeton W 1 0 B Roy Smeeton
3 Benigno De Armentia B 1 0 W James Mearns
4 Norman Lindsay W 1 0 B Joe Weir
5 Bahloul Voghouey B 1 0 W Sean Groundwater
6 David Reid W 1 0 B Graeme MacDonald