Paisley A 2.5 – 3.5 Glasgow Montrose A

Robin continues his roundup of the ‘A’ teams progress so far with the 14th Nov. match against Paisley:
Montrose cruised through what appeared to be their toughest fixture against Paisley in a clash of the titans.
David Reid survived a caveman attack when his opponent ran out of pieces to toss on the fire. Sam created a mating net that forced the issue. My own game was level after I let slip opening pressure. My opponent made his first freeing move of the match threatening a back rank mate in one. Unfortunately, his king and rook were on the same file and a check from behind cost the rook and game. Montrose were three zip up and seemingly cruising. Paisley fought back. Beni was under the cosh all night with black and ended up losing. Montrose then secured the match when Bahloul accepted a draw offer. The final game was academic. Norman had winning chances at the end but missed a tactic in time trouble that lost a rook. 3.5 to 2.5 was a good result against a very strong top order team.
Paisley A
Montrose A
W Buchanan
0 – 1
R Templeton
G Moultrie
1 – 0
B de Armentia
P Maiolani
1 – 0
N Lindsay
A McFarlane
0 – 1
S Collins
J Crone
.5 – .5
B Voghouey
S Connor
0 – 1
D Reid
2.5 – 3.5

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