Daily Archives: November 5th, 2012

‘B’ Team drubbed at home by Dalmuir

Dalmuir visited Glasgow Montrose last Thursday night for a Div. 2 fixture tussle with the ‘B’ Team.  Sad to say, the evening did not go to well for the plucky Montrose lads: Mearns and Groundwater held to draws fairly comfortably on boards 3 and 5 respectively, but the rest succumbed to the Dalmuir onslaught.  Result is as follows:

Board Glasgow Montrose B 1 5 Dalmuir
1 C. Perkin W 0 1 B I. Aird
2 R. Smeeton B 0 1 W A. Wright
3 J. Mearns W 0.5 0.5 B T. Tait
4 J. Weir B 0 1 W F. Taylor
5 S. Groundwater W 0.5 0.5 B J. MacDonald
6 B. Elder B 0 1 W J. McCartan