Glasgow Montrose Chess Club will reconvene for the 2016-17 season at the Minerva Club on Thursday, 22nd September at 7:30pm.  Looking forward to seeing you there!


The club will not be open on Thursday 21st January as most members will be either a) away or b) playing in Hamilton.  The club will be open again as normal on 28th January.  See you there!

Glasgow Montrose Chess Club will be closed on Thursday January 29th, on account of the fact that both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Teams are playing away games.  The club will open again as usual on February 5th at 7:30pm.  See you there!

Glasgow Montrose chess club will restart for the 2014-15 season on Referendum day: Thursday 18th September.  Hope to see you at 7:30pm at our new(ish) location at The Minerva Club, 59 Burnbank Terrace, Glasgow G20 6UQ.

Glasgow Montrose Chess Club has moved to a new location! We can now be found at
The Minerva Club, 59 Burnbank Terrace, Glasgow G20 6UQ. See you there on Thursday night.

The Minerva Club on Google Maps

Last Thurday night, Glasgow Montrose ‘A’ team, winners of Glasgow League Division Two, received their shield and individual awards at small but moving ceremony at club headquarters.

L. to R. David, Benny, Ed, Robin, Kenny and Norman.

More photos can be seen here:

As winners of last seasons Glasgow league division 2, Glasgow Montrose are on the lookout for new players and hope to welcome back old members to fulfil the requirement for an 8 board Glasgow League division 1.

The club plays out of the Novotel in Central Glasgow in a friendly and WARM atmosphere with good lighting. We may not have the lowest membership fees but cold draughty halls are a thing of the past.

The Club offers competiton to suit all abilities from learner to advanced and all will be most welcome. If you are up for a challenge then chess may be the game for you.

The club runs internal all play all competitions and offers members the chance to play in Glasgow League divisions 1 and 2. The club also plays in the Dunbarton League and Dunbarton KO tournaments.

Glasgow Montrose Chess Club meets on Thursday nights at 7:30pm, starting from 19th September.  We can be found at: Novotel Hotel, 181 Pitt Street, Glasgow G2 4DT. (Google Maps)

Phone: Chris Perkin – 0141 427 7361