Spring Championship Rd.1 Results and Rd. 2 Pairings

Here are the results from Round 1 of the Spring Championship, held on 2nd March:

 NameRating Pts
1Lindsay, Norman1858 1
1Mearns, James1601 1
3Ferry,Ed1974 1
3Collins, Sam1699 1
3Reid, David1601 1
6Perkin, Chris1407 0
6Groundwater,Sean1398 0
6Knowles,Toby1372 0
6Murray, Jim1354 0
6Kearny,Dechlan1161 0

…and here are the pairings for the next round, which will take place on 16th March…

1Mearns, Jamesjim59gmccFerry,Edmongoose1000
2Lindsay, NormanavizandumCollins, SamGlenSannox
3Perkin, ChrischrisglasmontReid, DavidDReidGMCC
5Knowles,TobyshoguntangoMurray, JimBlueJM

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