‘A’ Team vs. Shettleston ‘B’ and Crowwood ‘A

 Our ‘A’ team correspondent Robin Templeton delivers a round-up of the team’s February matches:

Close encounter

Shettleston B came close to causing an upset in Montrose’s quest for the top spot in division two. Montrose won 3.5 – 2.5 away. Illness and unavailability cost a default on Board six. Newcomer Bob Reid negotiated a tricky opening to find his way to a draw. Montrose’s three wins came in a similar fashion with opponents dropping pieces. My own game came to an abrupt halt after a simple pawn move attacked a knight which had no retreat square. David built up pressure even though opposite coloured bishops were involved. A discovered attack picked up a piece. Sam found a win by pin to pick up a knight and then finished with a mating attack. Bahlool tried hard but was unable to save his game.

Shettleston B
Montrose A
P Anderson
0 – 1
R Templeton
W Toland
0 – 1
S Collins
J McGreechin
1 – 0
B Voghouey
I Robertson
0 – 1
D Reid
M Rogan
0.5 – 0.5
R Reid
T Beattie
1 – 0
2.5 – 3.5

Going Up

Glasgow Montrose clinched promotion to Division 1 next season with a 5 – 1 win over unbeaten Crowwood A  putting one hand on the Division 2 title. The only quick finish happened on Board six where Bahlool threw pawns forward opening lines to get successfully at the king. In a complicated position, my opponent overlooked a sacrifice that cost him a piece. Edd built up slow pressure moving relentlessly up the board tying his opponent in knots. Beni was always in trouble from the opening and the loss of the exchange proved too big a handicap. Norman managed to reach an ending a knight up and coolly converted. Last game to finish was a comedy of errors. Sam lost a knight early on but kept in the game to reach an ending still a piece down. In the ensuing time trouble, his opponent missed two mates in one and then lost the thread completely shipping a rook and bishop before losing on time.

A bizarre finish to a successful evening.

Montrose A
Crowwood A
R Templeton
1 – 0
K Mayo
E Ferry
1 – 0
A Campbell
B de Armentia
0 – 1
I Brownlee
S Collins
1 – 0
J Smalls
N Lindsay
1 – 0
J Macrae
B Voghouey
1 – 0
P Thomson
5 – 1

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