Robin Templeton reports (while sunning himself in Alice Springs!) on the ‘A’ team’s drubbing of Phones ‘B’ on Jan 10th:

Montrose started off the New Year the way they finished the last: with a 5-1 victory. Continuing his good form, Bahloul was first to finish weaving a complex web to trap his opponent with tricky decisions in the middlegame. My own game was next to finish. After taking off the queens, my opponent tried to complicate but allowed a central pawn to reach the seventh – costing knight and game. Kenny, making a welcome return to the team, had a big opening advantage but a dangerous central pawn push ensured a share of the points. David was a pawn down but had attacking pressure. After the draw was agreed, David found the winning try. Norman slowly ground down his opponent finishing with a passed a and h pawn which a lone king could not stop. Sam’s game looked a boring draw for a while. Near the end both players sacrificed their knights for pawns. Sam’s was the more deadly leading to checkmate. This keeps the A team’s 100% winning record.

Montrose A Phones B

1 – 0

A Brown
K McCaffrey

0.5 -0.5

R O’Brien
S Collins

1 – 0

G Stewart
N Lindsay

1 – 0

C Paterson
B Voghouey

1 – 0

D Ferris
D Reid

0.5 – 0.5

T Jankovski

5 – 1