Daily Archives: January 24th, 2013

Polytechnic ‘B’ 3-3 Glasgow Montrose ‘B’

The ‘B’ team drew tonight playing away at Wellington Church vs. Polytechnic ‘B’ team.  Full score is as follows:

Board Polytechnic B 3 3 Glasgow Montrose B
1 John Eldridge W 0 1 B C. Perkin
2 Lewis Brookens B 0.5 0.5 W R. Smeeton
3 David Jenkins W 1 0 B Joe Weir
4 Eric Martin B 0.5 0.5 W Jim Murray
5 Paul McAloon W 0.5 0.5 B Jim Mearns
6 Bob Innes B 0.5 0.5 W Sean Groundwater

We are pleased with this result, as we were somewhat outgunned in terms of gradings on all boards. Well done lads!