‘A’ Team wipes out ‘B’ Team in hard-fought Div. 2 tussle

Despite the ‘B’ team having promising positions on at least 4 boards, a series of last-minute slip-ups ensured that the ‘A’ Team won 6-0 in tonight’s Glasgow League Div. 2 fixture.

Chris on board 1 and Steven on board 6 achieved won positions against their higher-graded opponents, and Jim Mearns on board 3 and your humble Webmaster on board 4 held even positions for much of their respective games, but eventually bad luck and/or bad nerves conspired to cause a wipe-out at the end of the night.

Full results are as follows:

Board Glasgow Montrose ‘B’ 0 6 Glasgow Montrose ‘A’
1 Chris Perkin (1526) W 0 1 B Ed Ferry (1954)
2 Jim Murray (1467) B 0 1 W Sam Collins (1789)
3 Jim Mearns (1390) W 0 1 B Norman Lindsay (1751)
4 Sean Groundwater (1388) B 0 1 W Kenny McCaffrey (1768)
5 Andrew Dick (1142) W 0 1 B Robin Templeton (1750)
6 Steven Forgrieve (U/G) B 0 1 W David Reid (1681)

One response

  1. This TWIT bloke is correct, the final score flatters the A Team and did not reflect the way the games went. At one point if Sean had offered me a draw on board 4 I would have bit his hand off, and we all felt somewhat mixed emotions seeing Chris crumble from a totally winning position to a loss on board 1 – better luck next time Glasgow Montrose B!

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