Daily Archives: October 21st, 2009

GM Players at the Dundee & Angus Congress

New member Paul Blair has just emailed in the following report on Glasgow Montrose players at the Dundee & Angus Congress:

“Eddie Ferry tied with 3 people for the U2000 grading prize in the Open, getting 3/5 and actually drawing with the eventual winner FM Gunnar Jacob in the first match of the tournament (He joked afterwards that he was quite proud he made Mr Jacob’s path easier to the win!)

“Myself, after 2 years out of chess, got a 2.5/5 in the Minor. Was glad just to get the ring rust out of the system and get a few wins on the board.

“Watch out for Eddie’s mug shot hitting http://www.dundee-congress.co.uk over the next few days!”

Full results from the Dundee Congress can be seen here.