Daily Archives: February 8th, 2012

‘B’ Team beat Giffnock ‘C 3-1

The ‘B’ Team pulled off a convincing win against Giffnock ‘C’ playing away at Whitecraigs Tennis and Bowling Club last night. ‘Foggy’ Forgrieve was first to finish, with a neat mating combo after his opponent had self-destructed losing two pieces for two pawns.  Groundwater finished next, fending off an ill-advised exchange sacrifice, then launching an invasion down the c-file during which his opponent’s flag fell.  Upon seeing this victory, Murray scampered back to board one to agree a draw in a moribund position.  This left Smeeton on board one, who doggedly fought back from two pawns down to also gain a half point.

Results as follows:

Board Giffnock C 1 3 Glasgow Montrose B
1 M Mitchell W 0.5 0.5 B Jim Murray
2 D McDonald B 0.5 0.5 W Roy Smeeton
3 D Rank W 0 1 B Steven Forgrieve
4 A McCulloch B 0 1 W Sean Groundwater