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Dunbarton League Victory for Montrose

Robin Templeton reports on the Club’s first victory of the new year, on Thursday 12th Jan:

Montrose keep up their good form in the Dunbarton league.

Montrose got off to a winning start in 2012. Phones came calling at the Novotel but their number was up.  The home team scored 3.5 – 0.5. Norman was first to finish with a share of the point. An exchange sacrifice put enough pressure on his opponent that he was forced to give it back and steer for the draw. Captain Chris was in bloodthirsty mode sacking two pawns in a relentless king hunt that culminated in a knight fork of king and queen. My own game was a close affair well into the middlegame. Time pressure told and my opponent overlooked the loss of a pawn followed quickly with losing his queen for rook and bishop. Last to finish was Bahloul. The win was never in doubt as he  demonstrated the ending of rook and pawns versus knight and pawns is vastly in favour of the rook.

Glasgow Montrose Phones
R Templeton

1 – 0

A Brown
N Lindsay

0.5 – 0.5

J McIntyre
B Voghouey

1 – 0

L Barker
C Perkin

1 – 0

C Paterson

3.5 – 0.5