Montrose still unbeaten in the Dunbarton league

Robin Templeton’s report on the Dunbarton League fixture played on 24th Nov.

Montrose draw home fixture 

Glasgow Montrose started well with two wins by the two players DR and DF otherwise known as Dave Reid and Dee Fault. David used all his experience to build up a superior position. Faced with the loss of his queen or checkmate his opponent resigned. Edd won a pawn in the opening but before the endgame comes the middle game. After the dust settled two pawns heading for the seventh was too much. Beni fought hard, but following exchanges, he ended with a bad bishop against a good knight and afterwards the swindling chances were not enough.

Glasgow Montrose



E Ferry                         B

0 – 1

S Campbell
B de Armentia

0 – 1

R Ebdon
D Reid

1 – 0

H Williamson
J Mearns

1 – 0


2 – 2


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