‘A’ Team beat Inverclyde 5-3

Robin Templeton reports on last Thursday’s (10th Nov.) victory over Inverclyde:

Glasgow Montrose triumph

“GM pulled off a come from behind win against Inverclyde at the Novotel. This is the team’s first league triumph on returning to the bigtime and offers hope that it will be one of many.

“The evening started off well with Bahloul opening up the g file to go after black’s king before smartly castling queenside and resuming the attack and bringing home the win. Then Inverclyde struck back with two wins on top boards where the rating difference of 200 points told. I got bashed on the white squares and could not avoid checkmate. Edd almost reached equality with black on top board but the position of the pieces favoured his opponent. Sam played carefully to reach a blocked position with knight and seven pawns each to hold the draw. Kenny slowly built up a space advantage against Stephen who makes light of his visual impairment. Kenny won two pawns before his opponent dropped a bishop.

“The match is now 2.5 each with three games remaining. The tension mounts. George skillfully built up pressure and then when his opponent tried to activate his position, George delivered a two move mate. Norman’s game took a turn for the worse after having the edge in the middlegame. His opponent had a dangerous pawn on the seventh but only 23 seconds left on the clock. A draw was agreed. 4 – 3 to Montrose with one game remaining. Beni on his league debut had the task of pulling off the match win. He did not disappoint. R+3 pawns up against R+2 pawns all on the king side should be a book draw but it still has to be demonstrated. Beni won the game on the flag fall. The match was ours 5 – 3.

“This is a tremendous fightback from 2 – 1 down at one point. This shows a resilience on the bottom boards that bodes well for the future.”

Glasgow Montrose
E Ferry                                  B
0 – 1
J Montgomery
R Templeton
0 – 1
K McDonald
S Collins
0.5 – 0.5
J Calder
K McCaffrey
1 – 0
S Hilton
B De Armentia
1 – 0
S Doherty
N Lindsay
0.5 – 0.5
S Riley
G Murphy
1 – 0
G McPheator
B Voghouey
1 – 0
D Logue
5 – 3

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