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Dumbartonshire League KO: GM beat Bearsden 2.5-1.5

Thanks to Robin Templeton for the following match report:

News of a famous win last night. Following up last years win over the eventual Dunbartonshire league winners Bearsden in a league match. Glasgow Montrose gave them a repeat dose on their home turf again. GM knocked out Bearsden who have been the KO champions for the last three years. Bearsden captain Mel Burt must have had a premonition. He  took one look at our team and decided he had to strengthen his with the addition of Jeff Webb at Board 1. The home team’s top three were all over 1900 . That’s the way we like it!

First point of the night was claimed by myself playing white on board one. My opponent got into an awful fankle and ended up losing the exchange and pawns. He struggled on for a while but I took my time.

Next to finish was Norman on board three who built up steady pressure. He cleaned up with rook and pawn on the 7th rank against king and bishop for another point. We were on easy street with two games still going. The KO match was ours on board count.

Next to finish was Bahloul. Houdini would be more apt as he conjured a half point out of two pawn deficit in a rook and pawn endgame. The motto is never resign rook and pawn endgames – they are tricky to win.

Despite a heroic last stand – his opponent was down to less than a minute – Kenny had to give up. Kenny struggled manfully with the black pieces but could not overcome the handicap of a rook out of play.

After the slagging we got at the beginning of the match we told our sporting hosts they better wheel out  Grandmaster Aagard and International Master Greet the next time GM come calling!

Board Bearsden 1.5 2.5 Glasgow Montrose
1 J. Webb B 0 1 W R. Templeton
2 G. Bucher W 1 0 B K. McCaffrey
3 R. Wiltshire B 0 1 W N. Lindsay
4 M. Burt W 0.5 0.5 B B.l Voghouey