A Chess Joke…

Richard Evans, a former member of GMCC, just sent me the following uncannily accurate vignette from RAFA days (BTW, Chris’ shoulders really do move like this when he laughs…):

http://www.alpha72.com/Zugzwang/ChessJoke.html (requires Flash)

7 responses

  1. This is very good and accurate. What are missing could be the 7 or 8 Absinthe,4 pints of Guinness or wheat beer ,8 malt whiskies and 16 bags of assorted crisps taken immediately beforehand by each of us.

  2. naughty Richard. I will get him back for this!

  3. hii…great post article…
    really very incompetent Richard.

  4. Hi there just wanted to say hello..My dad played chess for years with Glasgow Montrose before he died ..His name was George Rooney ..was wondering if anyone remembers him or have any match information or photos of him playing..much thanks, Clare

  5. Hi Clare,
    Thanks for posting. I remember your dad very well – great character with a wicked sense of humour, and sadly missed by all of us who knew him. I don’t have any photos or anything like that, but we still have quite a few members who knew George a lot longer than I did (I’m a relative newcomer to the club – mid-1990s!). I’ll pass your comment on and see what they can come up with.
    Cheers, Sean

  6. Hi Clare,

    Just got this via email from David Reid (our club treasurer):

    “Hi Sean,
    I am pretty sure there are one or two pictures of George floating around. Sam and Alan McPherson may also have something.
    George was a fantastic character, the real heart and soul of the Club. Hilarious at times, and maddened by his own crazy play!
    I will search, and I will ask Alan to have a look like-wise.
    Please convey my good wishes, and fond memories of her father to Clare.

  7. Hello again Clare,

    Roy Smeeton writes:

    “I used to drive George and his great friend John Thomson home to Lambhill after chess and have fond memories of him.

    “George studied the openings and was very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, as his game developed he would blunder, lose a piece, then the silence, except for the ticking of chess clocks, would be broken by a shout of “Aw for f——k’s sake,” much to the amusement of all concerned! Rip George.”

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