View from the Bar

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As announced on Saturday, a meet-up was held in the bar of the Novotel yesterday evening. Mearns, Perdikou, Perkin, Reid, Smeeton (pictured above), and your Webmaster were in attendance.  Some friendlies were played, a certain amount of beer was consumed, a great many photos were taken, and cameras compared (Evis just bought a new DSLR).  Only one club championship game was played, in which yours truly blundered his queen.  Click “More…” to savour the nastiness…

Groundwater-Mearns, Glasgow, 2008

I’m pleased with my position – I’ve got a some kingside pressure after some typical Lopezian manoeuvring.
21. … g5 (preventing Bxh6)
22. fxg e.p?? Bxg4
White resigns.  Doh! What a waste. 22. h4 followed by hxg5, Qf2, Rh1, Be3 looks good.  This performance does not bode well for the 2008/9 season, or indeed for Saturday’s simul at the Kelvingrove…

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