Jacob Aagaard Simul – Sat. 28th June

If you want to see Glasgow Montrose CC’s finest doing battle with current British Champion Jacob Aagaard, come along to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery from 10:30am on Saturday, 28th June.

The simultaneous display, open to all comers, is being organised by our very own John Dempsey.  GMCC stalwarts Roy Smeeton, Brian Collins, Jack Collins, Norman Lindsay, Evis Perdikou, Chris Perkin, Jim Mearns, Bahlool Voughey as well as your humble webmaster will all be present. You can even have a go yourself: Jacob will be playing 12 boards – every time a game finishes a new player can join for a fee of £5).

More details here (chessscotland.com).

Kelvingrove Interior

Kelvingrove Art Gallery (find on Google Maps)

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