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Welcome to Glasgow Montrose Chess Club

Glasgow Montrose. A Chess Club in the West End of Glasgow.
Meets Thursdays, Novotel Hotel, 181 Pitt Street, G2 4DT (Google Maps).

Summer recess
Please note that the club is in Summer Recess. We will be back on Thursday 4th September – see you then! If you want to join, come down and give it a go – there’s no obligation remember.

About Glasgow Montrose Chess Club

Glasgow Montrose Chess Club is based in the Woodlands area of Glasgow and has been since 1990 when it moved from Possil bus depot (a real palace!).

Apologies to anyone who reached this site by checking out ‘chess in Montrose’ on a search engine, but the club has been called by this name since its foundation in September 1965 in 23 Montrose Street, Glasgow. Nowadays this area is dominated by Strathclyde University. Back then though, in a small, dusty room in the Glasgow Health Centre, every Thursday evening a group of men would meet and quietly develop the dream that is G.M.C.C.

The minute book for the first meeting states that

” The aims of the Club are to promote interest in prospective Chess players, organise Competitions for the members, to ultimately enter a team in the 3rd Division of the Glasgow Chess League and for all members to enjoy the Fellowship of the Club…”

Chances to play
Yusopov lineupIn addition to our 2 teams playing in the Glasgow Chess League, we run a team in the Dumbarton League too.

Within the club itself, we have an annual Club Championship and quickplay tournaments, as well as loads of knockabout games; there is never a shortage of people to play either as we are a fairly large club and we’ve got players of all levels. You don’t have to be from the West End either, we have players from all over Glasgow and around.

Thanks to Luke Barker for the original copy for this page.

Photo: The Yusupov Simultaneous, held on 28th Sept. 2006. Click to view larger (flickr.com).