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The ‘B’ Team pulled off a convincing win against Giffnock ‘C’ playing away at Whitecraigs Tennis and Bowling Club last night. ‘Foggy’ Forgrieve was first to finish, with a neat mating combo after his opponent had self-destructed losing two pieces for two pawns.  Groundwater finished next, fending off an ill-advised exchange sacrifice, then launching an invasion down the c-file during which his opponent’s flag fell.  Upon seeing this victory, Murray scampered back to board one to agree a draw in a moribund position.  This left Smeeton on board one, who doggedly fought back from two pawns down to also gain a half point.

Results as follows:

Board Giffnock C 1 3 Glasgow Montrose B
1 M Mitchell W 0.5 0.5 B Jim Murray
2 D McDonald B 0.5 0.5 W Roy Smeeton
3 D Rank W 0 1 B Steven Forgrieve
4 A McCulloch B 0 1 W Sean Groundwater

Robin Templeton reports on the Club’s first victory of the new year, on Thursday 12th Jan:

Montrose keep up their good form in the Dunbarton league.

Montrose got off to a winning start in 2012. Phones came calling at the Novotel but their number was up.  The home team scored 3.5 – 0.5. Norman was first to finish with a share of the point. An exchange sacrifice put enough pressure on his opponent that he was forced to give it back and steer for the draw. Captain Chris was in bloodthirsty mode sacking two pawns in a relentless king hunt that culminated in a knight fork of king and queen. My own game was a close affair well into the middlegame. Time pressure told and my opponent overlooked the loss of a pawn followed quickly with losing his queen for rook and bishop. Last to finish was Bahloul. The win was never in doubt as he  demonstrated the ending of rook and pawns versus knight and pawns is vastly in favour of the rook.

Glasgow Montrose Phones
R Templeton

1 – 0

A Brown
N Lindsay

0.5 – 0.5

J McIntyre
B Voghouey

1 – 0

L Barker
C Perkin

1 – 0

C Paterson

3.5 – 0.5

Robin Templeton’s report on the Dunbarton League fixture played on 24th Nov.

Montrose draw home fixture 

Glasgow Montrose started well with two wins by the two players DR and DF otherwise known as Dave Reid and Dee Fault. David used all his experience to build up a superior position. Faced with the loss of his queen or checkmate his opponent resigned. Edd won a pawn in the opening but before the endgame comes the middle game. After the dust settled two pawns heading for the seventh was too much. Beni fought hard, but following exchanges, he ended with a bad bishop against a good knight and afterwards the swindling chances were not enough.

Glasgow Montrose



E Ferry                         B

0 – 1

S Campbell
B de Armentia

0 – 1

R Ebdon
D Reid

1 – 0

H Williamson
J Mearns

1 – 0


2 – 2


Robin Templeton reports on last Thursday’s Dunbarton knockout match vs Dalmuir B:

Montrose cruise into the semis

Glasgow Montrose is the first team to book their place in the semi-finals of the Dunbarton league Knockout tournament by overcoming plucky Dalmuir B  3.5 – 0.5.

The match was closer than the result suggests with the all the games hard fought. In a complex position, Norman created so many problems that his opponent left his queen en prise. Kenny admitted to going a pawn down in the opening before he launched a checkmating attack on the rook’s file. On bottom board, late substitute Chris played out a careful draw with knight and pawns on either side. On top board, I was given the hardest workout of the season so far. Just when my opponent thought he had found a shot, it turned out to be a shocker. The motto – beware of the poisoned pawn.

Glasgow Montrose


Dalmuir B

R Templeton                  B

1 – 0

I McKechnie
K McCaffrey

1 – 0

F Taylor
N Lindsay

1 – 0

C McPhedran
C Perkin

0.5 – 0.5

J McCartan

3.5 – 0.5


The ‘B’ team beat Cathcart ‘B’ last night in a Div. 3 fixture played away at the Giffnock Bowling & Tennis Club.  Steve lost on board 3, but David and Sean scored convincing wins on boards 1 and 4 to leave Montrose 2-1 up, with all to play for on board 2.  Roy, in time trouble, failed to convert a massive passed pawn on f6 into a win, but instead split the point in order to clinch victory for the team.

Board Cathcart B 1.5 2.5 Glasgow Montrose B
1 G. Livie W 0 1 B D. Reid
2 Mac McKenzie B 0.5 0.5 W R. Smeeton
3 S. Beaton W 1 0 B S. Forgrieve
4 A. Waddell B 0 1 W S. Groundwater

Robin Templeton reports on Monday nights Div. 1 tussle vs. Cathcart:

Glorious defeat

Glasgow Montrose almost pulled off an upset in their opening league division one campaign before losing narrowly 4.5 – 3.5 to Cathcart.

Norman was first game to finish with a dead drawn position. Montrose picked up wins on the bottom two boards with David all over his opponent . Chris was the only black point scorer on the night on board seven. David and Chris ended up fighting for the privilege of playing board 8 prior to the match. It certainly got them in fighting mood!

Team captain Sam Collins weathered the early storm before tripping up in the endgame. It was a draw he was heard to mutter. Bahloul got tied up with his knight on h8 at one point.  Edd drew the short straw when six time Scottish champion and international master Roddy McKay made his first start of the season. He slowly got ground down. My own game against Alan Grant was a cat and mouse affair. After 55 moves I was left with the Lucena position and converted.

With the scores tied at 3.5 each all focus shifted to George’s game. He tried gamely but the exchange down and an open king was too much. The result reflected the overwhelming 200 rating point difference on the top six boards. It was however a cause for optimism for the rest of the season as GM gave one of the big five a fright.

R McKay                              W
1 – 0
E Ferry
A Grant
0 – 1
R Templeton
A Maxwell
1 – 0
S Collins
M Tyre
0.5 – 0.5
N Lindsay
D Campbell
1 – 0
Tsang Sai Kong
1 – 0
G Murphy
A Taylor
0 – 1
C Perkin
A Stewart
0 – 1
D Reid
4.5 – 3.5

Playing away at the Sikorski Club last night, the ‘B’ Team pulled off a convincing win against Phones ‘C’.  After facing a massive connected passed pawn on e5 for much of the game, Mr. Smeeton clinched victory for the team with a devastating sneaky mating attack.  Well done, Roy! Scoresheet is as follows:

Board Phones ‘C’ 1 3 Glasgow Montrose ‘A’
1 D. McCafferty W 0 1 B R. Smeeton
2 D.J. Ferris B 0 1 W S. Groundwater
3 J. Miller W 0 1 B S. Forgrieve
4 J. Waddell B 1 0 W G. Macdonald

The ‘B’ team lost 4-2 playing at home to Crowwood ‘B’ in last night’s Division 2 tussle. Results are as follows:

Board Glasgow Montrose ‘B’ 2 4 Crowwood ‘B’
1 Jim Murray B 0 1 W G Rylance
2 Roy Smeeton W 0.5 0.5 B M Theodoreson
3 Jim Mearns B 0 1 W P Thomson
4 Chris Perkin W 1 0 B J Peacock
5 Sean Groundwater B 0 1 W A Pollock
6 Paul Blair W 0.5 0.5 B A G Barlow

The ‘B’ team lost 3.5-2.5 to Phones ‘B’ in last night’s Division 2 tussle at the Sikorski Club. Full result is as follows:

Board Phones ‘B’ 3.5 2.5 Glasgow Montrose ‘B’
1 Graeme Stewart B 0 1 W Jim Murray
2 Colin Paterson W 0.5 0.5 B Roy Smeeton
3 Tamas Kalman B 1 0 W Jim Mearns
4 Graeme Delargy W 0 1 B Chris Perkin
5 Blair Govan B 1 0 W Sean Groundwater
6 A. Rimdeika W 1 0 B Default

A glorious mating combination by Chris Perkin saved the ‘B’ team from a wipeout in tonight’s Glasgow League Div. 2 fixture against the ‘A’ team.
Full results are as follows:

Board Glasgow Montrose ‘B’ 1 5 Glasgow Montrose ‘A’
1 Jim Murray W 0 1 B Kenny McCaffrey
2 Roy Smeeton B 0 1 W Robin Templeton
3 Jim Mearns W 0 1 B Norman Y Lindsay
4 Chris Perkin B 1 0 W Bahloul Voghouei
5 Sean Groundwater W 0 1 B Nicolas Guirkinger
6 Andrew Dick B 0 1 W David Reid

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